Welcome to AH Rescue Sanctuary

What We Are About

Every animal in our care comes to us with their own story. Many of them have had it harder than others, and have scars that need a healing touch. What they all have in common, is that they came to us from other rescues/shelters that felt they couldn’t take on their individual needs, and give them the necessary care needed to help them bloom into family pets. Most pets we welcome into our program, require extensive behavior and/or medical care before they are ready for their forever homes. We provide each pet with an unlimited amount of time to recover, along with individualized care and training customized to their needs.

We at AH Rescue Sanctuary love a challenge and have a soft spot for these special pets in need. Most of all, we love seeing each individual pet change into the family pet they were always meant to be. Watching this, firsthand, is beyond rewarding and fills us with a joy that cannot be described in words.

Ways to Help


Support AH Rescue Sanctuary and make a difference in the lives of animals. Your donations help us provide care, shelter, and love to the animals in our sanctuary. Join us in creating a better world for the animals in need.


Make a difference in the lives of animals by becoming a foster parent at AH Rescue Sanctuary. Help prepare them for a loving forever home and experience the joy of nurturing these furry friends. Start your journey of compassion and love today.


Discover the joy of giving a second chance at a family by adopting an animal from AH Rescue Sanctuary. Experience the amazing bond and fulfillment that comes with bringing a furry friend into your life. Start your journey today!