Pup Date Form


The care and services under this AGREEMENT consist of the following responsibilities.

I understand that I am agreeing to take a dog(s) for a pup date. I am responsible for the dog(s) and the public/community safety while in my care. Pup dates can consist of a few hours, a day, an overnight stay, a weekend stay or however long the pup date is approved for. Duration must be approved by Cynthia Casiano. I agree to return the dog to AH Rescue Sanctuary safe in the same conditions received and with all items/supplies needed for the pup date. I understand a pup date is not the same as an adoption and does not guarantee I am approved to adopt this dog(s) or adopt any dog from Animal House Rescue.  I agree to all the terms above. 


If there is an emergency involving the dog(s) while it is in my care, I will make a reasonable effort to call and speak with one of the following AHR Representatives listed below IMMEDIATELY. 

I understand that all written forms of communication such as, Text Messages, Emails, Facebook Messenger, Other Social Media, or any other types of written communication, ARE NOT to be used as a primary contact method.

Cindy Casiano @  (260) 530-1953          or          Misty Kruse @ (260) 704-4295

If I am unable to contact Cindy, Misty, or another AH Rescue Sanctuary representative, I will contact the below Veterinarian. If the office is closed, I will leave a voice message for the Veterinarian On Call. I will also continue my attempts to contact an AHR Representative.

Bluffton Vet Clinic @ (260) 824-0924

1890 N Main Street — Bluffton, IN 46714

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EMERGENCIES: If there is an emergency, I will make a reasonable effort to first contact AH Rescue Sanctuary (Cindy) 609-992-6649 or 260-530-1953. If AH Rescue Sanctuary representative (Cindy) is unable to be contacted, I will contact the following Individual, Hugo Beltran 260-665-1844 & Vet. Dr. Gupta @ 260-238-8171 or 260-432-5525, Aboite Animal Clinic, 4142 Covington Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.
I will also provide a copy of my license to the AH Rescue Sanctuary Staff Member.
I agree to all of terms and conditions below.
I understand that I may be handling animals while providing volunteer services with AH Rescue Sanctuary and therefore exists a risk for personal injury. On behalf of myself, my heirs, personal representatives, and executor, I release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless AH Rescue Sanctuary, its agents, servants, volunteers, and board from any and all claims, cause of action or demands of any nature or cause connected with the volunteer contract. This could include any costs, attorneys’ fees and court costs occurred by AH Rescue Sanctuary in connection with my volunteer services based on damages or injuries who I or anyone under my care/supervision may incur in any way while volunteering. Such damages are not limited to but may include animal bites, accidents, injuries, and personal property damage.
I agree to all of terms and conditions below.
I understand that there is an aspect of confidentiality involved with AH Rescue Sanctuary location, any information, clients, volunteers, and their situations.
I agree to all of terms and conditions below.
To ensure the safety of all, both human and pets, we ask that you listen to the instructions given by the handler at AH Rescue Sanctuary at all times. We know these animals and what their triggers may be (if they have any). We work diligently with each, putting in hundreds of hours training with each of them. We respect everyone who has trained with previous dogs, but we ask you keep an open mind and heed our advice, as we know these dogs best. Many dogs that enter our program have had a not so happy past, and we want to ensure we are setting our dogs up for the best possible future when we hand off their leash to you. Our goal is to ensure we do not put our animals in any situation that would negatively affect them.
I agree to all of terms and conditions below.
I hereby acknowledge that AH Rescue Sanctuary is not liable for any personal injury or damage to personal property while volunteering at and with AH Rescue Sanctuary. I agree to adhere to the guidelines set forth by Animal House Rescue to ensure the safety of all animals and people under the care of Animal House Rescue.
Sign Name
I hereby sign this agreement under my own free will.